Did someone say porn?

2016-04-04 23:20:33 by RainbowDogma

Yo, you like pictures of cartoon characters naked and/or fuckin around? You should probably check out my nsfw tumblr, which is where i put all my sinful, sinful art. We got puss, we got dongers, we got PUSSDONGERS??! Anything you want, it's right here!!


Shit boi. Ur welcome.


2015-12-03 00:57:38 by RainbowDogma

Despite having this account for literal years i never got around to uploading any of my shit to it. Gonna change that starting tonight. Gonne put up some of my slightly older art too. If by some crazy happenstance the art I upload looks familiar to you, that'd be cause I'm RainbowDogma on DeviantART and pretty much all the art I'm gonna put up here has already been on that for a while. Can't have too much potential exposure right?